Hajj from Pakistan 2023

Great news: The hajj 2023 is in the works and our team is highly motivated to welcome you onboard the spiritual journey. Start early, prepare early so you can save the hassle as well as the costs. If you intend to depart for Hajj in 2023, we’ll be happy to assist.

Pakistanis living abroad can also contact us for the Hajj plans in 2023.

Hajj Packages

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Hajj Policy 2022 Announced by Government of Pakistan

A big news for Pakistan Hajj applicants as the much-awaited Hajj Policy 2022 has been announced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. According to the new policy the final Hajj details by the Saudi Government has not been received but due to shortage of time, Pakistani government has decided to start registration of Hujjaj for 2022. According to the recent press release following key points has been announced:

  1. Hajj applications are open online from 1st May to 13 May
  2. Applications via banks can be applied from 3rd to 13th May
  3. All applicants will pay Rs. 50,000 in advance as token money
  4. Remaining payment will be requested as soon as complete Hajj policy is finalized
  5. Only people below age 65 years can apply
  6. Expected cost of Hajj for this year may be from 7 Lakh to 1 million Rupees
  7. Covid Vaccine with booster dose is a must
  8. Total Haj quota is 81,132 of which 40% will be offered via Govt scheme and remaining 60% via private hajj operators.

Hajj Visa Requirements for Pilgrimage:

The person must have a visa that is valid for at least additional 6 months that may be used both to enter Saudi Arabia and to travel to the following location; the passport also must have at least two vacant visa pages next to one another.

Procedure to apply for a Hajj Visa:

The Hajj is an Islamic religious pilgrimage that takes place in Saudi Arabia. It necessitates the acquisition of a particular passport from the Saudi Arabian visa office in the individual’s home country. 

Different Hajj Packages:

Hajj packages change every year. Therefore, it is important to know all the information before performing the Hajj. The total cost of Hajj from Pakistan 2022 is PKR 490,000 from the North zone. In the past years, the total cost was PKR 478,520 with Qurbani for Hajj 2020 Pakistan. Different Hajj packages include:
• Economy Package 2022
• Budget Package 2022
• Premium Package 2022
• Executive Package 2022


The initial application can be acquired from the Saudi Embassy in your city. However, it is suggested that you hire a certified tour operator to organize your visa, as well as your travel and lodgings and anything else you may require to complete the Hajj. Your registration form will be sent to the Saudi Consulate by the tour operator.

How to Apply for Hajj from Pakistan 2022:

To apply for Hajj from Pakistan, you just need to know the following procedure through which you can easily apply for the application form. 
• To enroll for Hajj in 2022, go to the Hajj  website (www.hajcommittee.gov.in)
• Select “HAJ FORM.” And click on “APPLY” from the drop-down menu.
• On the right side of the page, select “New User Registration.”
• Click on the button, email address, first and last name, password, state, and district.

Hajj Application Forms 2022 from Pakistan:

Application forms for Hajj 2022 are not available. This will start soon. The application form will probably start appearing in April 2022. We will let you know when the application forms begin to arrive. These are the banks where you can get application forms for your Hajj.
• Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
• National Bank Limited (NBP)
• Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
• Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
• United Bank Limited (UBL)
• Bank Alfalah 
• Bank of Punjab (BOP)
• Meezan Bank

Hajj Price in Pakistan 2022:

New Hajj packages have been discounted which are for 2022. This new package includes all facilities for your stay in Makah and Medina. There are different packages for Hajj in Pakistan. According to the Government of Pakistan, the fee scheme for Hajj is PKE 490,000. Hajj 2022 in Pakistan will commence on Thursday, July 7th, in the evening.

Economy Hajj Package 2022 from Pakistan:

There are different Hajj packages from Pakistan for 2022. The total cost of hajj from Pakistan 2022 for the economy package is PKR 770000 if you book a double room for yourself. It will include flight, meal, and transport.

Hajj Committee of Pakistan 2022:

In the Hajj committee of Pakistan, Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri presided over the gathering. The issue of banned Hajj group planners was raised by the committee. The committee emphasized the need for a written policy to cope with deviations.
The committee noted that all Hujjaj will be available for an e-visa. Safety standards, Saudi Arabia’s approval of Chinese immunizations, and the increasing production of the Road-to-Makah plan, according to authorities.

Terms & Conditions for Performing Hajj:

Here are some terms and conditions that you must have to follow and keep in mind before performing Hajj.
1. Mehram’s age 
Minimum 15 years old.
2. 70 (70 plus) years of applicants
Must be supported by a male assistant.
3. Women of 70 years (70 plus)
Must be supported by a female helper with the male mahram.
4. Pakistani applicants from other countries.
Applicants should have a legitimate NICOP number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The minimum age limit for Hajj is 15 years.

The registration process for the Hajj pilgrimage in 2022 is currently available online.

The total cost of Hajj from Pakistan is PKR 700,000.

According to the hajj 2022 policy, Pakistan 200,000 pilgrimage can go to perform Hajj this year.

Many necessities cover in the package of Hajj like the meal, transport, residence, etc.

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